The scheme collapses when they are eventually unable to meet redemptions. In March 2021, SonyLiv and Applause Entertainment announced the second installment of the franchise titled Scam 2003. It will be based on the stamp paper scam by Abdul Karim Telgi in 2003.

  • The police have also arrested a 36-year-old man from the Malappuram district of Kerala who is the CEO of all the three entities.
  • He told me, ’Treat your investment as your expense and then only you’ll be able to save some money’, which is such a beautiful line that I have been following this for the last 10 to 12 years.
  • ”Defendant’s disarming approach and devious ways – including her assurance to certain victims that wealthy relatives would back up their investments – has wreaked financial and emotional havoc on many of her victims,” he said.
  • Rajiv Saxena and his wife Shivani are partners/ Directors in UHY Saxena, Dubai and Matrix Holdings Limited, Dubai.
  • ”WHY is this scamster still being paid?! The public deserves an explanation regarding this waste of public money,” he wrote on Twitter.
  • One was Avin Hubenak, who moved the $1.4 million in his Chevron Corp. retirement fund to an independent retirement account at Hibernia.

Ryan remembers being in the hospital room, holding one of her sister’s hands while Hammes held the other. She remembers the way Joy’s body smelled like smoke and walking out of that sad room just before doctors took her off life support. Hammes, there in the hospital hallway, hugged her tight and then said, “I’m sorry.” She thought that was odd, that his wife was dead, “and he is apologizing to me.” Today, more than two decades later, it is a cold moment in her memory. For an accountant, who people expect to be quiet and reserved, Hammes was something of an anomaly, a man with a lot of personality. People who knew him say that about the time he allegedly began embezzling his temperament, never quiet to begin with, began to become more explosive. Everything he did and said began to have exclamation marks around it.

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They entered into contracts to buy commodities from ’ borrowers’ such as NK informative post Proteins. The T+ 2 contract enabled them to pay for the commodities two days later. At the same time, they entered into contracts with the same borrowers to sell the commodities after 25 days through a T+ 25 scheme. There would be an assured, annualised return of 13.5 per cent in this transaction.

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For the last many years, I had been doing several monologues of around one and a half and two hours. These monologues were performed in three languages—Hindi, English and Gujarati. The monologues helped me a lot and the kind of theatre that I kept doing is called minimalistic theatre. There are no big sets, there are no major lights, no jingbang music to cover you up. So as an actor, you have to just constantly perform for those two hours and that is how this particular stint helped me because the internalisation of the character is the most important thing in what we do on the stage in the theatre.

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After the video was uploaded on YouTube, Baig was detained by the SIT as he had tried to board a private charter plane to a foreign country. Khan had released a video while he was in hiding, wherein he claimed that several state politicians and officials had coerced him into paying bribes, leading to the downfall of IMA. One of them, who he claimed had received nearly Rs 400 crore, was Baig, the then Congress MLA from Shivajinagar in central Bengaluru. Khan had fled the country but was arrested and brought back from Dubai in July 2019 by the Bengaluru police crime branch. Since the scam broke, Baig had been publicly rejecting Khan’s charges, claiming that except for some donations to Haj facilitation centres, he did bot accept any money. IMA co-founder Mohammed Mansoor Khan at the time of his arrest had alleged that Baig had cheated him of Rs 400 crore and forced him to give expensive cars and jewellery as “gifts”.

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Everything came to an end when NSEL failed to pay its investors after July 31, 2013. Unsuspecting investors then happen to click on these links which lead to fake websites that mimic the login pages of the trading platforms they are used to, where they enter their login credentials . They can potentially also trade on illiquid option contracts or just buy scammy penny stocks to be sold later.

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The annual budget, the last budget of the current government is also expected to be highly generous. When the Caserio hire fell through, O’Brien assumed the GM job. After a series of high-profile personnel gambles over the next 15 months, the Texans started the season 0-4 and O’Brien got fired. This time he was selling a church organ which he had listed in three separate ads RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME. He was reported and eBay canceled two of them.