The workout routine I’m going to share is not based on theory. It’s the one I’ve used for several years, once a week, to train my arms. This is how to get big arms at 50 and older. It should take you roughly an hour or so if you want to complete this routine two times per week.


  • This allows one muscle to rest while you work the other.
  • Don’t lift heavy right from the beginning, increase your intensity gradually to get your body accustomed to the stress from working out.
  • You can choose to train all of the major upper body movements on one day, followed by all of the major lower body splits on another.
  • That’s why I put together this triceps workout so you can get fit and tone your arms quickly at home.
  • Tuck your pelvis so that it’s perpendicular to the floor, and brace your core.
  • Inhale, lower your forearm, and bring your hands to the starting position.

So if you’d like to knock out the circuits in three days instead of six, combine the lower body and upper body circuits and do them both lactose free protein shakes together three days a week . When you can perform a given exercise for the prescribed number of sets and reps, switch to one of the more challenging variations. For most people, bench dips make a good starting point, but your goal should be to work your way towards the parallel bar dip as this variation involves more musculature. These mainly involve using your bodyweight, but it’s also useful to have access to a TRX or resistance bands. Kim Nunley has been screenwriting and working as an online health and fitness writer since 2005.

The explosive motion really forces your muscles to work overtime, allowing you to do fewer reps with better results. Originally a back workout, this exercise activates your biceps with the underhand grip. The close grip position compared to chin ups puts more pressure on the biceps. After that, building bigger arms typically comes down to if you have access to a gym and then proper exercises and the proper form.

Kettlebell Squat And Press

They can even be paired and used in the same exercise, simultaneously. Don’t “switch things up”, just increase difficulty by adding more reps, time under tension, weight load, etc . Don’t just jump into kill-yourself-mode, increase difficulty and intensity slowly but surely.

Best Yoga Exercises To Increase Height

It is very important when performing this exercise to lower the kettlebell to the start position slowly. The slower the lowering please of the sit and press the more core activation you will receive. However, when kettlebell training we do not waste our time with isolation based exercises like the kettlebell bicep curl when we can target 100’s of muscles in one go. However, that being said there are some kettlebell exercises that focus on the arms more than others. Below I’ve listed 14 of my favourite arm exercises along with kettlebell arm workout ideas too.

Incline Bench Dumbbells Curls

Perform this entire circuit 3 to 4 times for the best results. As always, form trumps speed—execute the exercises in a controlled, slow manner rather than fast and erratically to avoid injury. You certainly can if you know how to do each exercise properly and don’t overtrain. You ideally want to utilize a mix of lighter, moderate, and heavy training days to benefit while not overdoing it. The goal here is to focus on a mind/muscle connection to ensure you’re engaging the lats. Your grip will also help to maximally activate the lats.

Start in the standing position, with your arms extended to your sides and your palms facing each other. Dumbbell hammer curls can be done in unison, or alternating one arm at a time. With hammer curls, there is no forearm rotation, so you might opt to perform both arms curling at the same time . This workout is the opposite of the decline dumbbell curl.

Crossbody Curls

Hold this position, squeezing your biceps as hard as you can. Start with the goal of holding for 45 seconds and work your way up to one minute. The barbell curl is possibly the most abused exercise in history. Too many people try to max out on weight, sacrificing form by swinging, only doing a partial movement and using momentum to get the weight up.

Because of the angle at which your elbows move, this exercise puts a lot of stress on the one head of the triceps that we often seem to neglect – namely the medial head. This probably explains why Mike states that this exercise is great for strengthening your elbows. When I saw him showcase the exercise I was a bit skeptical. But one thing that I did noticed is that it focused on the movement for which the triceps was intended – extension of the forearm.

Push yourself up into a half-cobra position by lifting your chest off the ground. Make sure your belly button is still touching the ground. This is an amazing exercise that will get rid of all that flab in no time. Keep your core engaged, neck in a neutral position, and look at the mat. Raise your arms and place your palms on the wall, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Start circling your arms in the forward direction without bending or flexing your elbows.