✅ VERSATILE & LARGER CAPACITY – We know how much you love your tea! Our gourds are bigger in size so you can store more of your favourite drink. We made long research to propose the highest quality products to match every need. Every gourd is unique thanks to their natural and handmade characteristics. It gained entry and considerable acceptance in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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  • A cup of yerba mate tea contains about 70 mg of caffeine on average, while a cup of coffee averages at 120 mg of caffeine.
  • Easy To Prepare And Clean- Yerba gourd tea set is made of stainless steel and can easily be cleaned without any problem.
  • With each draw, the smaller particles would inevitably move toward the bombilla, but the larger particles and stems filter much of this out.

Taragui offers a brilliant combination of Yerba Mate, combined with a gourd and bombilla electric pasta maker . The Yerba Mate is stem-free and loaded with minerals and vitamins, along with 196 active compounds. On a later occasion I tried the Mate + Ginkgo mix with real Ginkgo dried leaves and the effects were the same. I used about 1/2 volume Ginkgo leaves to the volume of Mate ground leaves. Some of us consume medication that might slow down the effect of platelets on our bodies.


The cebador always distributes the mate so you must hand the gourd back to only them. Due to the presence of saponins in mate, the drink is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties which could boost your immune system. Argentina consumes the most yerba mate of any country in the world. Drink from the bombilla until you have consumed the entire drink. Yerba Mate Mathienzo is a special selection blend, manually harvested and naturally aged for 2 years.

Each one is finished with an attractive silver rim that is handsome and sure to turn a few heads. Whereas some traditional choices have their drawbacks, the Novomates Stainless Steel (around $23) offers a modern construction with plenty of pluses. These include its double-wall design, which provides excellent insulation to keep your drink nice and hot. CBSe isn’t a well-known brand when it comes to yerba mate. Cruz De Malta was actually my first yerba mate after a recommendation from best-selling author, Tim Ferriss.

What Exactly Is Yerba Mate?

This greatly reduces PAH levels for a healthier beverage (up to 80% reduction in PAH levels). On Milongas’ website, a bag of 7 ounces of yerba mate infused with CBD costs about USD 16.95 which is enough for 7 mates. Costs USD 20,95 and yields about 10 servings, while the cost of a large half-kilo bag (17.7 oz.) is USD 29.75, and it yields over 14 servings. ”We offer a product that is transparent. We explain the infusion process, we want to offer the public something that is unique and delivers clear benefits,” he says. Naturally, everyone will have their own customs when it comes to sharing mate.

There are many other ways to make Yerba mate beverage suitable to you. Fill up the mate cup with loose-leaf Yerba mate to approximately half. Optionally, you can fill up the half of a cup first with hot water, so you get extracted more of nutrients and stimulants from Yerba mate. This luxury edition of the traditional mate gourd in genuine leather comes in 8 colors, the rim is made out of aluminum and inside its covered in glass making it an original work of art.

With widespread consumption and rise in demand, Guarani Indians were brutally forced to clear the forests, water the mate plants, harvest the leaves and prepare yerba mate. It is still worth noting that no single industry has brutally practiced forced labour as was done by the Spanish contractors supervising yerba mate production. In the early 1500s, however, the Tupi and the Guarani tribes widely consumed yerba mate for its medicinal value and as a stimulant. Among the two tribes, clay pots were commonly used as mate guards and special hollow twigs or reed bulbs used as the first bombillas. Occasionally, these indigenous people chewed the evergreen leaves during marches.

Find out how to prepare yerba mate like they do it in Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay or Paraguay. A gourd of Rosamonte yerba mate tea with as many as four refills can last you a full day. The powerful boost of energy that this drink provides will keep you alert and productive, and most importantly, without any cravings for coffee or sugary energy beverages.

Its notoriety comes from the product versatility, which includes infusion-ready leaves, canned teas, and energy shots. Choosing your yerba mate gourd can be overwhelming due to a variety of choices. However, this also means that there are a ton of options to suit your taste, from traditional calabash gourds to modern gourds made of glass or metal. Depending on the gourd you select, it can enhance or affect your favorite yerba mate brand. Balibetov double wall Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Gourd set with Yerba Mate Bombilla. This is not a traditional calabash gourd but it is easy to clean, maintain, and very durable because of the stainless steel.

Arabic immigrants that have returned home from South America in the beginning of the twentieth century adopted and kept the habit. In the “bad breath” study, researchers combined black tea extracts with three species of bacteria in petri dishes for 48 hours. They compared the results with bacteria that sat alone. In all cases, tea polyphenols inhibited the growth of bacteria by 30% and reduced the production of compounds that cause bad breath. Take a spoon and gently scrape the inside of the gourd.